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In the summer of 2016, I was approached by Matt Solano and Tammy Mencher, a couple with great ambitions, formidable ideas, and a shared passion for food and food service.
Matt is a Native American, raised in a family descended from the Souix peoples whose origins in America date back to the very first tribes who dwelt on the western continent. Tammy is a decedent of the Irish Celts, whose powerful heritage and traditions have influenced her values and self concept for her entire life.

Together, they sought to create, not only a new company, but an entirely new way of crafting and serving cuisine. One which reflects their shared sense of traditional tribal values, and the power that the experience of preparing and sharing cuisine has to unite people, families and communities.

It is from this inspiration, that Matt and Tammy created Aboriginal Kitchen, a concept which I was honored to help them bring to life.

The cornerstone of Aboriginal Kitchen’s business are it’s ingredients and style of cooking. Chef Solano prepares menus which feature traditional and tribal inspired dishes. These dishes are prepared only will locally grown, organic ingredients, sourced from farmers, and wild foraged from the Colorado foothills whenever possible.

Solano and Mencher believe that tribal traditions should transcend simply their cuisine. Mencher brings many years of front of the house experience to the team, and her service philosophy is based upon the tradition of the “Potlach”, the Native American community feast. A code of standards, honor and respect guide their treatment of guests and of the food they serve.


UPDATE: This brand identity was recently displayed as part of a gallery showcase at the Art Institute of Colorado. For the gallery, I hand-built (with help from my awesome Dad) a 4’x3′ wooden 3D sign featuring the Aboriginal Kitchen logo. The interactive brand exhibit was on display from December 2016 through January 2017.

Category 3D / Exhibit, Identity

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