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Conscious Collection

Ad Campaign

Though by no means ahead of the curve when it comes to improving their manufacturing standards, H&M is currently working towards developing standards which will dramatically improve the lives of their factory workers in Bangladesh. In this project (which was done for a school project at the Art Institute of Colorado) the need for a campaign highlighting a strong move towards ethical fashion clothing production was assessed as a major avenue for marketing development for the global fashion retailer.

The Conscious Collection project is a multifaceted ad campaign, which seeks to highlight the positive impact on the global fashion community which H&M strives to promote.

The ad campaign features models wearing clothing from the conscious collection in situations which invoke intellectual and thoughtful pursuits. Photographs and video footage were taken at the Denver Art Museum (by yours truly). The settings and the actions of the models in the images illustrate a parallel between the clothing collection and a lifestyle in which thoughtful awareness and intelligence are the key values. These images demonstrate the self-awareness of the H&M brand, as well as the value of the clothing to individuals who identify as being intelligent and thoughtful. The campaign also seeks to maintain and strengthen the accessible and relate-able feeling of the brand which H&M is already well known for.

This project was created for an assignment at the Art Institute of Colorado for educational purposes only.

Category Ad Campaign

Scope Market Research, Strategy, Photography, Videography, Print Design, Web Design