(IN)signficance - Hypothesis


Poster Series

A typographic poster series, created via a reoccurring thought experiment which I often find myself contemplating when I am supposed to be going to sleep. The thought experiment goes something like this: Humans are tiny, when considered in the scope of the universe. Each individual human lives and dies in a fraction of an instant, when compared to the lifespan of the vast existence which we are for some reason a part of.

We are, for all intents and purposes, insignificant.

Yet, does the fact that we are capable of being conscious of this fact, conscious of understanding (at least fleetingly) our place within the vast and infinite universe, make us significant? Do we, ourselves, create the universe? Try to sleep while you’re thinking about that!

This poster series was selected for display in an art show in Denver Colorado in the summer of 2016, along with several other students from the Art Institute of Colorado. It is dedicated to my cat Quorra, who has diligently watched every episode of the original Twilight Zone series with me at least 3 times.

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