- Hypothesis


The strength of a brand or a service is equal to the degree of success which it’s end users find in their interaction with the company. The digital world in which many companies now reside is a rapidly evolving creature. If companies fail to innovate and adapt to the needs of their users, they will be eaten alive by the internet void, never to be seen again.

Priceline, one of the best known online travel booking services, has struggled in the past few years to stay ahead of the curve in a growing but volatile online industry. The needed to update their user interface to appeal to a younger generation of travelers was identified and pursued in this project.

Extensive user testing was conducted in the target age demographic, which revealed the need for more ways to compare options, and more innovative ways to browse for travel.

A need for a more organized and structured user interface on all levels of the site, a more apparent visual hierarchy, and more available options on the mobile version of the site were also identified as important objectives by the panel of users. Implementing these changes have helped younger Priceline customers to engage and interact with the brand in a more meaningful way, which will in turn solidify Priceline’s business and customer base as the Millenial generation consumes the lions-share of the digital market.

This project was created for an assignment at the Art Institute of Colorado for educational purposes only.

Category UX / UI