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The greatest thing about working with other artists, is the challenge of using design so effectively and so minimally as to display the true heart and soul of the artist’s product without any visual distractions. It is the craft of minimalism at its finest. This brand (one of my earliest design projects) was crafted with much love for my good friend and tattoo artist Raleigh Renfree. Raleigh creates incredible hand-carved doorways in the tradition of the most ancient wood-workers: with a simple hammer and chisel.

The brand was designed to communicate the very ancient and proud heritage of Raleigh’s technique, and to highlight the fine craftsmanship and detail of each and every unique peice he creates.

The overall look appeals to a high end clientele and communicates both a high-class sophistication, as well as a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The logo is actually based upon the artist’s own hand. The brand’s materials are designed to allow the work to speak for itself, and highlight both the uniqueness of each handcrafted door, as well as the elevated look it brings to the home or business where the peice resides.

Category Identity, Web

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