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Someone (a professor by the name of Warren Bennis) whose quote ended up on a list of inspirational quotes once said: “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” This quote sums up nicely how I strive to lead and what I try to inspire my team to achieve, no matter the challenge at hand.

For this project, I took on one of my most successful leadership roles to date, working with a team of eleven students at the Art Institute to develop brand collateral for Sprint Press, a large, family owned printer in Denver.

Earlier in 2016, Sprint had received a new logo which was quite lovely, but which lacked any kind of elements to support it. My team and I set out to develop a package of elements which would support the new Sprint Press brand identity. We identified several collateral elements which could best support the needs of Sprint’s expansing and evolving business model: a basic stationery set, a capabilities book, and a new website.

My team worked together to develop a concept for a visual direction based upon the needs of the client, the new logo design, and several design principals which we established with the client. We chose to utilize a black gloss on matte black. We also created a pattern which closely mirrors the dot matrix pattern created by the printing process. The overall look is sophisticated and high end, translates well across different applications, and elevates the Sprint brand while highlighting the new logo.

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