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The Constitution


The Constitution is, by most accounts, a pretty dry document, written in a jargon style which is difficult for modern day readers to understand. But it’s also an important document for most Americans to understand and read at least once. I remember greatly disliking the unit on the Constitution in my American history class in both middle school and high school. So, I set out to reformat the Constitution in a way which would make the document more friendly to young readers and help students engage with the material. The solution? Marginalia.


Inspired by Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, this US constitution features marginalia style annotations, written in plain english, designed to make reading an old but important document more interesting and fun.

Utilizing handwriting style type, and hand drawn elements such as arrows, circles and slashes, the constitution has been made more accessible for young people. Readers can read both the original text, as well as the modern english notes, allowing them to both read the original words of the founding fathers, and figure out what in the world they were trying to say.

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